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Welcome to the Tweaq support page. The Tweaq Team is here to support you. If you have any queries or feedback, please contact us. You can also find answers to our most frequently asked questions and further information regarding our product and services, installations and pricing.

Frequently asked questions

Will this technology be reliable?

We conducted a series of tests to make sure our technology is working and reliable. Our testing phase keeps on going to make sure we do not miss any potential problems and that we meet expectations. Our product also has a 2-year warranty.

What material is Touch 1 made of ?

Touch 1 is mainly made out of aluminium: handle, outer ring, and casing.

How does the maintenance work?

When your cartridge is running low and nearly empty, you will be notified via our IoT technology. When your cartridge is empty, simply replace it following the guided steps. We also recommend that you change the sponge in the outer ring.

What is your IoT and how does it work ?

Our innovative technology and IoT gathers the data of every Touch 1 to give you all the necessary information to optimize your costs. You will be able to know how many times Touch 1 has been used and when, the cartridge levels, and peak times during the day/week/month. Our IoT works with Bluetooth. Every time your mobile device is close to Touch 1 it will transfer the data and send it to the cloud to be seen on your portal’s dashboard.


All you need to know about Tweaq Touch 1

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