The world’s 1st smart self-disinfecting door handle connected to your devices

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Eliminating   99.99%  of   germs after each use.


A unique Design

The design of Rise has been carefully considered to offer beauty and functionality.

Choosing materials of the highest quality and precision to seamlessly fit into your environment.

How it works ?

Rise is a self-disinfecting door handle powered by a cartridges. After each use, the disinfectant liquid is brought from the cartridge to the sponge located inside the ring. With a magnetic mechanism, the ring travels along the handle's surface to eliminate 99.99% of germs.

The cartridge lasts up to 3,000 uses. It contains the disinfectant liquid tank and a lithium-ion battery to power the handle.

A sensor detects the activation triggering the disinfection process

A precision pump brings the disinfectant liquid from the cartridge tank to the ring

The ring travels along the surface to eliminate 99.99% of germs through a magnetic system.

Lab testing results

Antimicrobial efficiency of Tweaq's Rise against different micro-organisms.

The test reveals a strong microbicidal effect of Rise. After the auto disinfectant treatment, the surface analyzed demonstrated that no living bacteria were able to grow on agar plates. We can conclude that this device, in the condition of the test, has an antimicrobial efficiency greater than 99.99%. More specifically, antimicrobial efficiency was bigger than 99,999% and the anti-fungal efficiency was bigger than 99,99%.

Scitec Research SA - Swiss Laboratory

Track your activity

Each Rise is connected to the cloud via a Wi-Fi connection to provide you with a better experience.
Enjoy all the perks of being connected to access key insights on your devices

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Access Key Data

Want to know the number of uses, peak times or a snapshot of your overall activity?
Login to your dashboard.

Activity Monitoring

Your personal dashboard lets you understand how your visitors interact with your environment.

Get Notified 

Notifications to let you know when to replace your cartridges and key figures.

Save on Cleaning Costs

The data provided allows you to track the use of your premises. This information will allow you to optimize your cleaning expenses.

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