Touch 1 Bundle


Included in this bundle: Six Touch 1 handles, six full cartridges and three spindles. The home bundle is suitable for up to three doors. 

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safeguard your loved ones’ health and well
being by ordering Tweaq’s self cleaning door handle for your home

More information about Touch 1


Touch 1 is a self-disinfecting door handle that eliminates 99% of germs on it’s surface after every use. It is designed to be quickly fitted on any standard door, with no modifications or drilling needed.It is equipped with IoT technology for light maintenance, informing you when to replace and order your Touch 1 cartridge when it is running low.


What’s in your box?

– Three pairs of the Touch 1. Where they will be mounted on both sides of your door.

– Three pairs of cartridges filled with the disinfectant liquid. Each cartridge will last for 1000 uses.

– Three 8×8 spindle


– 1000 uses / cartridge 

-Door thickness: 35-45mm

– Three 7x7mm spindle provided

– Lithium Ion batteries

– Cartridge capacity: 130ml

– Disinfectant liquid: 75% alcohol – Internal usage only

– Green LED indicator


We have specifically designed our product so that it is easy to install, without having to modify any aspects of your door. It is compatible with any standard door with a thickness between 35-45mm. Touch 1 can be mounted on both sides of your door in under 10 minutes and ready to be used immediately.


Once you have pre-ordered, the Touch 1 will be shipped in July 2021 for a limited quantity only. At the moment, we only ship within Europe. We aim to have worldwide shipping available soon. We are doing our best to bring Touch 1 to you as soon as possible so that you can safeguard your loved ones earlier. So be sure to keep up-to-date with the latest Tweaq news via email or social media.

The technology

We focus on providing our clients with the best hygiene solutions to improve health and safety in their own homes. Tweaq’s technology will enhance your everyday life; adding innovation to a very ordinary item for the sole purpose of protecting you and your household. While being highly technological, the self cleaning door handle has been crafted to ensure easy installation and low maintenence with the use of IOT so the user will be notified via an app when the disinfectant liquid is running low and ready to be replaced. The refilling of cases takes less than 30 seconds. Ready for you to use.

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