Touch 1

The world’s first smart self cleaning door handle. Self-disinfecting with each use.

Opening doors to tomorrow.
Touch 1 is no ordinary door handle. Tweaq has revolutionised hygiene solutions and hand hygiene with the all-new highly effective self-cleaning door handle solution. Usability and practicality are at the pinnacle of Touch 1’s unique design, providing a door handle that is easy to install, maintain and it provides the utmost safety to all users.

Why Touch 1

IoT Technology

Optimise your cleaning costs by keeping track of your activity with IoT.



Eliminating 99% of germs after each use.


All empty cartridges are reused to avoid electronic waste.

Easy maintenance

Remove the casing’s lid and replace the empty cartridge with a new one instantly.







Meet Touch 1

Touch 1 is controlled by a printed circuit board (PCB). Once the door handle is used, this triggers the internal sensors which activates the disinfecting mechanism. The pump irrigates the sponge located inside the magnetic ring with an disinfectant solution. The electric engine powers the magnetic ring, propelling it across the surface of the handle, eliminating 99.99% of bacteria and viruses in under three seconds.

IoT technology is at the heart of this smart device. An IoT module located within the self-cleaning door handle automatically counts and records usage. This information is relayed to the Tweaq app; sending alerts when a cartridge is due to be changed. The Tweaq Portal allows users to track the activity of every handle connected. The LED light located on the Tweaq handle housing will also indicate the status of the cartridge in use.


Tweaq Touch 1 can be easily installed on both sides of any standard door in just under 10 minutes. Installation is quick and simple with no modifications, drilling or wiring required.

Touch 1 can be fitted on any standard door, allowing for a door width between 34-45mm. Each Touch 1 set contains a 7x7mm spindle to easily fit onto the door.

Doors have been standardised globally, our product has been developed to meet these dimensions meaning Touch 1 can be fitted on your door without the need for any modifications. In the rare case of a unique door size we provide instructions on how to fit Touch 1 to your custom requirements, these can be found in the FAQs or by contacting our support team.


After every interaction with your Touch 1, the disinfection process begins. The aluminium ring autonomously travels back and forth on the handle, spreading an disinfectant solution along the surface, eliminating 99% of germs.

Each interaction with the product will be recorded and reported with the built-in IoT Technology. Our hygiene solutions allow for businesses and individuals to not only track activity within their establishments but also optimise and reduce cleaning costs.

Tweaq door handle

IoT Technology

An IoT module is integrated within the Touch 1 which automatically counts daily usage. This information will be used to inform you when to replace your Tweaq Touch 1 cartridge and peak use time. This data will be available to view via the Tweaq portal where you can track the activity of every Tweaq Touch 1. Rigorous testing has been carried out to ensure our technology is durable and reliable. It has been developed with the customer at the front of our mind, we are aware of the difficulties and costs associated with cleaning of businesses of all sizes. Our hygiene solutions has been designed to make the whole cleaning process more efficient and in turn saving businesses hundreds of dollars per year with each Touch 1 installed. The technology has been designed to give businesses information on how often each Touch 1 has been activated and when, cartridge levels and peak times for individual days, weeks and even months.

The IoT technology within the product speaks to your systems through wi-fi for a fully autonomous experience, or through Bluetooth. Bluetooth connectivity is facilitated by a mobile device, anytime a mobile device is near a device it will transfer the data from the product to the device. This is a perfect solution for businesses allowing each member of the cleaning team to continuously feed data into the portal. This data is then accessible via the portal dashboard.

The portal dashboard is accessible via an app for smart phones (Android and Apple) as well as having a web application viewable on computers. The portal also benefits from an open API meaning it can connect to existing software.

Cartridge and Maintenance 

Touch 1 can disinfect up to 1,000 interactions, with a green LED light serving as physical confirmation. When the cartridge is empty, maintenance is low; simply remove the casing lid and replace the empty cartridge with a new one instantly.

The cartridge is easily changed and secured with the tools provided within the Touch 1 box. The tool is a magnetic device that once placed on the handle will release the top part of the device allowing access to the cartridge, this is done by the magnetic tool unlocking the top lid. Once the lid is unlocked, it can be removed and the cartridge will be visible. The cartridge can be simply unplugged and replaced with a new one, all new cartridges are secured with an adhesive tab – this must be removed to properly lock the new cartridge into the device. When this is done and the new cartridge is added, simply reattach the lid and remove the magnetic tool to lock the casing.

Cartridges are filled with an alcohol based solution that has been tested to kill 99.9% of germs. We recommend that cartridges are not refilled with any other solution that the one provided by us. This is to not only ensure the effective elimination of germs and bacteria but also because our hygiene solutions has been designed to support the smooth motion of the outer ring.

The disinfection of the handle’s surface is facilitated by a sponge that is found in the outer ring. Similarly to the cartridge it can be replaced with the second tool found in the Touch 1 box, this tool has two pins on it. To replace the sponge, take the double pinned tool and whilst holding the the ring insert the the tool in the visible two cavities on the ring. This will eject the sponge ready to be replaced with a new one. When a new sponge is fitted simply remove the double pinned tool and move the ring back to its starting position.


We are proud to have implemented a circular economy to avoid electronic waste. All empty cartridges are welcomed back in a return packaging provided by us, to be refilled and recharged in our facility. Customers who contribute in our sustainable goals will be rewarded with offerings on cartridges.

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