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Our mission at Tweaq is to provide your business with smart technology and IoT to power your location’s sanitation to help safeguard your customers. In turn, this will optimise your sanitation efforts, allow you to track activity in your establishments and as a result lower your costs whilst elevating your customer experience.

Tweaq Your Business

Touch 1 has been specially designed and engineered to ensure users’ health and hygiene is the top priority. Our new sanitation technology can be seen as hygiene essentials to any business; enhancing public health and hygiene within each premise.

The self cleaning door handle is a state-of-the-art sanitation solution for all industries which demonstrates a conscious effort to highlight the importance of hygiene; improve and maintain the wellbeing and safety of all users.

chef in restaurant

For Restaurants

The innovative sanitation technology behind Touch 1 means installing the self cleaning door handle in a restaurant; from the bathroom to the kitchen can ensure the protection for both staff and visitors from spreading pathogens and food-borne contaminants.

Maintain high food safety standards and customer safety with the help of Touch 1 for restaurant industries.

For Healthcare

The innovative hygiene smart technology behind Touch 1 is becoming hygiene essentials in a healthcare setting. Implementing our self-cleaning door handle within hospitals and health clinics can safeguard against the spread of infectious diseases; ensuring the protection of staff and patients.

Maintain high health, sanitation and safety standards with the help of Touch 1.

For Offices

Create a safe working environment with Touch 1. The self-cleaning door handle engineered by Tweaq can help reduce the transmittion of germs between staff in an office by providing enhanced sanitation and clean touch-points throughout.

Reduce absences and safeguard employees in the office with Touch 1.

For Hotels

Improve and secure your guests’ experience with Tweaq’s innovative sanitation technology. Take away some of the burden, knowing Touch 1 is keeping guests and staff safe by maintaining high standards of public health and hygiene in every room.

Promote the importance of hygiene, wellbeing and safeguard your guests with Touch 1.

For Residences

Turn residences into smart homes by integrating the latest sanitation innovation in smart devices. Touch 1’s sleek and sophisticated design along with its state-of-the-art technology will bring the homes of the future to the current day.

Take your hygiene essentials to the next level with Touch 1.
Public space

For Public Spaces

Airports, train stations and gyms experience considerable varied footfall on a daily basis. Secure your visitors’ touch-points by implementing Tweaq as well as reaping the benefits of decreased costs and more optimised sanitation efforts.

Secure your guests and staff today with Touch 1.

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