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Take control of your office's resources and create a healthier environment in your building. With our help, you can optimise resource allocation through data analysis and reduce cross-contamination using our self-disinfecting door handle. 

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Our Service

Do you lack visibility on your infrastructure's operations, such as energy costs and space utilisation?

We help you gain valuable insights to take the right decisions and improve your performance.  

Our Hardware

Tired of opening doors with your elbow?

Protect your staff, employees and patients with the world's first smart self-disinfecting door handle. 

The Service

Save money by optimizing your office resources. 


We understand the lack of visibility that many businesses face regarding their energy costs, use of space, work environement quality or even footfall. It can be challenging to know or track those metrics efficiently.

 That's where we come in. 

Providing businesses with the visibility, they need to make informed decisions based on data and optimize their resources. 

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to streamlined, efficient infrastructure operations. Let us help you gain valuable insights and improve your infrastructure performance.

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Did you know?


Of your energy costs could be saved thanks to IoT


Of your cleaning costs could be saved


Indoor air quality can be 5x worst than outdoor air quality


Of your office space could be wasted without IoT

Your journey

from understanding your needs and goals to improving your office performance



Kicking off with goals, objectives and key metrics. Presenting you with the list of solutions to implement (sensors, hardware, tailored surveys…) before starting the next steps.


Installation of the chosen technologies and deployment of the surveys on site. 

Duration: 4-6 weeks

Data collection

Collecting the information from the implemented technologies and your company.

Duration: 3 -12 months

Data analysis

Examining the data obtained from the implemented technologies, identifying patterns, trends, and making comparisons to help draw insights and conclusions. 

The result

We will share an analysis result in a comprehensive report and recommend improvements by proposing a plan for ongoing optimisation based on your specific needs and objectives. 

 The Hardware

An innovative user-friendly solution that enhances hygiene in your office while collecting data.  


How does it work?

Rise is a self-disinfecting door handle powered by a cartridge. 

After each use, the disinfectant liquid is brought from the cartridge to the sponge inside the ring. 

With a magnetic mechanism, the ring travels along the handle's surface to eliminate 99.99% of germs. 

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Track your activity

Rise is connected to the cloud via a Wi-Fi connection to provide you with a better experience. You will be able to understand better how your visitors interact with your environment and get notified when you need to replace the cartridges.

Enjoy all the perks of being connected to access key insights on your devices. 

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Circular economy 

Do not worry about ordering your cartridges. We send them automatically to your location. They are shipped in a reusable box that includes a prepaid return label to ship back the empty cartridges for zero waste! Tweaq refills and recharges the cartridges before sending them back. 

Résultats en Laboratoire

"Efficacité antimicrobienne de Tweaq's Rise contre différents micro-organismes.

Le test révèle un fort effet microbicide de Rise. Après le traitement auto-désinfectant, la surface analysée a démontré qu'aucune bactérie vivante n'était capable de se développer sur les plaques de gélose. Nous pouvons conclure que ce dispositif, dans l'état du test, a une efficacité antimicrobienne supérieure à 99,99%. Plus précisément, l'efficacité antimicrobienne était supérieure à 99,999 % et l'efficacité antifongique était supérieure à 99,99 %."​

Scitec Research S.A - Laboratoire Suisse

Ils nous font confiance

About us

Founded in 2020, we are a UK-based company with Swiss-engineered products. With the best enterprising and adventurous minds coming together, the pursuit of protecting the health and hygiene of those around us is endless. We are partnered with thought-leading minds in technology and innovation to bring our pioneering hygiene solutions to life.

Our mission is to improve everyday products to better serve the world.

Meet the founders

Giovanni Barilla, CEO

Giovanni, the CEO, leads sales and customer relationships, and you can schedule a discovery call to speak with him directly. He is determined and dislikes being told that something is impossible to do.

Vincent Gauye, CFO

Vincent, the startup's CFO, is a strategic financial wizard who manages multiple responsibilities, ensuring the company's financial stability, growth and success. He creates and oversees financial strategy, manages budgets and planning, investor relationships and analyses financial data. 

Baptiste Danichert, COO

 Baptiste, the COO, steers the operational ship, masterminding smooth logistics to deliver products and services to customers before they even know they want them. He manages everything from the supply chain to day-to-day tasks, controlling company resources through strategic thinking and problem-solving. 

Want to learn more about Tweaq?

Watch this video explaining everything about the solution we've developed. 

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