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Discover how our hygiene solution, Touch 1, can revolutionise health and cleaning in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare industry with Touch 1

Ensuring contaminants are not spread between patients and staff is crucial in providing a safe environment for everyone in the healthcare industry. With Touch 1, hygiene technology in healthcare has become more advanced.

Studies have shown door handles in the healthcare industry, such as hopsitals, can habour cultures of E Coli and MRSA colonisations of up to 30.7% with a high risk of pathogen transmission between nurses, patients and visitors due to frequent handle usage during visits. Hence why, hand washing in healthcare is vital. Our innovative smart technology behind Touch 1 means installing the self-cleaning door handle in a healthcare clinic; from the bathroom to individual wards and rooms can ensure the protection of both staff and patients from spreading pathogens and contracting illnesses.

Tweaq have conducted interviews with numerous doctors and nurses, the general consensus was that these professionals find the need to constantly disinfect their hands after every touch of a handle too inconvenient, but by improving hygiene technology in healthcare, this would increase convenience.

Tweaq will reduce cleaning costs through Touch 1’s built-in IoT technology that tracks usage and reports on activity. This enables clinic owners to ensure that each time a handle is touched that it is sanitised with medical disinfectant as well as allowing additional cleaning efforts to be focused on areas that are most utilised.

Place the wellbeing of staff and patients at the forefront with Touch 1.

Touch 1: Healthcare Clinics Brochure

Touch 1 in a hospital

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