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We help people advance through the world designing tomorrow’s smart-touch-points, today.

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Why Touch 1

Safeguarding your clients

Saving and optimising on cleaning costs

Activity tracking connected to your device

Easy to install and light maintenance

What is Touch 1

Tweaq has revolutionised health and hygiene innovation with the all-new Touch 1. A highly effective self cleaning door handle hygiene solution powered by IoT technology with usability at its focus; it is easy to install and requires light maintenance.

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We help people advance through the world designing tomorrow’s smart-touch-points, today.

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Touch 1 has been specially designed and engineered with innovative technology to ensure users’ health and hygiene is top priority. The new technology can be applied to any business setting to enhance public health and hygiene within that setting. The self-cleaning door handle is a state-of-the-art solution which demonstrates a conscious effort to improve and maintain the wellbeing and safety of users to all who use it.

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Industry   09/02/21

The Importance of Hygiene in Residences

The past year has made people more concerned about hygiene in their own homes. Find out more on the importance of hygiene in residential areas here.

Industry   09/02/21

Why enhance restaurant hygiene?

Restaurant hygiene is vital in the F&B industry, now more than ever before. Find out how you can enhance your restaurant’s hygiene with Tweaq.

Industry   09/02/21

Hygiene in Hospitals

Having top hygiene in hospitals is essential in preventing the spread of infection. Find out how hygiene in healthcare can be enhanced with Tweaq.

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